Although The Yard is much different than our usual vibe, it is still put to the same standards that you come to expect when exploring Region-branded projects. Where The Region is a cyber-goth themed sim set in the distant future, we challenged ourselves with this project to bring you the opposite with a place that time seems to have forgotten.

With many architectural features that play on a classic early and mid-1900’s style, the beautiful building and landscapes are sure to catch your eye and encourage you to explore.


The Yard was designed to be a photographer’s paradise. Almost every camera angle brings a new backdrop for your avatar, with both city and nature settings that are sure to inspire beautiful edits. From the brick storefronts, to the cliff-side vineyard, to the cozy library and cafe, it’s all beautifully curated for visual enhancement.


We plan to actively improve and upgrade The Yard over time. Holidays and events will bring new environments, buildings, events and venues to the sim, so every visit is sure to be a unique one. With plans to open even more venue spaces in the near future, we’re aiming to have events several times a week to keep you entertained!


Just like all of our projects, The Yard was built to promote a sense of community to visitors and the residents. We partnered with P-Town to expand that sense of inclusion to an even larger group of people, and it’s been an amazing success. Be sure to say hello to those you come across when in The Yard. Kindness goes a long way.


These amazing venues combine to make The Yard an amazing place to visit and live in! From night clubs, to places where you can hang out with your friends, there’s something to do for everyone!


A converted dock warehouse, The Shipyard is an LGBT-friendly club environment, that comes alive several nights a week with DJs.


Find a new book to read, or discover new music to jam out to, Meet new people in this chill space full of comfortable chairs and poufs.


A heavily themed mini golf course winds its way through the forest. Can you beat the par score for all 14 holes of Yard Mini Golf?


A remnant of the Art Deco era, this beautifully hotel boasts 12 furnished rooms, an elegant dining experience, and spa.


An old warehouse was transformed into a cute arcade, featuring multiplayer games, and plush chairs to lounge around in.


Starting at just L$100/week, The Yard has residential properties that fit any budget. Combined with a system that allows renters to purchase additional prims for any parcel, means everyone gets a place tailored to their needs.

Contact ValorCo Resident or CursedCo Resident for information about parcels, or click any meter in-world to rent with us!


Businesses of all sizes will enjoy The Yard’s many different commercial properties. With low-prim options starting at just L$75/week, it’s the perfect place for a startup to begin their journey. 

The Yard’s shopping district has over a dozen parcels to choose from. Many of them come with an apartment space above, that can be rented for an additional weekly fee.

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